3 Days Short & Sweet Tanzania Safari

3 Days Short & Sweet Tanzania Safari

We know that not everyone has the time or budget to do a full safari, taking in all of the national parks. Others may want to consider a mini-safari as an additional activity before or after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Therefore, we offer a condensed version that allows you to see some of the best wildlife in Tanzania in just 3 days.

Start: Arusha

End: Arusha

Day 0: Arusha
Arrival in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro International Airport/Arusha Airport, meet and greet with Restoration’s driver/guide. You will be driven to your accommodation in Tulia Hotel: BB


Day 1: Lake Manyara National Park

This journey begins after breakfast in Arusha, the third largest city in Tanzania, along with your driver/guide, you will set off for your African safari in Lake Manyara National for a day of game viewing, with a picnic lunch taken in the middle of the day. This park provides opportunities to observe wildlife in a variety of different ecosystems, you may get a chance to see the famous tree-climbing lions found lazing on branches of acacia trees. The park also features large concentrations of elephant and buffalo. Over 380 species of birds have been recorded included the immense Silvery Cheeked Hornbill, one of the largest breed, Crested Guinea Fowl, found deep in the forest. Many hippos reside in the water, as do thousands of flamingo and other water birds. As the afternoon draws to a close, you will leave park and be driven to the town of Karatu for one night in your accommodation in Farm of Dreams Lodge: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


Day 2: Ngorongoro Crater

After breakfast, you will descend into the crater with picnic lunches in tow. The largest Caldera in the world (imploded volcano with an intact rim) The rim at 7,200' overlooks the Crater floor below. The various ecosystems within the crater provide home for many different mammals and birds, including the rare black rhino in its natural habitat. As the afternoon sun lower in the sky, you will ascend the crater and drive to your accommodation in the Lake Eyasi area, arrive for dinner and overnight in Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge: B L D


Day 3: Lake Eyasi to Karatu

Today you will meet the Hadzabe tribe. This tribe is one of the last hunter-gatherer societies left in the world. You will spend the day with them, seeing their home and lifestyle firsthand. You can join the women on their way to gather fruits, seeds, and roots, or have some hunting practice using bow and arrows with the men. In the afternoon, you will be driven back to Arusha, and transferred to Arusha Airport or Kilimanjaro International Airport.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, including Tanzania. In order to ensure the safety of tourists and locals, the Tanzanian government has implemented a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for COVID-19 response.


All tourists visiting Tanzania are required to present a negative COVID-19 test result, taken within 72 hours prior to arrival. Visitors who do not present a negative test result will be required to take a test upon arrival and quarantine until the results are available.


Tanzania has also implemented strict health protocols at all points of entry, including airports and ports. These protocols include temperature screenings, mandatory wearing of face masks, and physical distancing measures.


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Tourists are advised to download the COVID-19 App, which will help monitor their health status and provide real-time updates on COVID-19 in Tanzania.


Hotels, resorts, and other tourist accommodations must follow strict SOPs for cleanliness and sanitation. All tourist sites and attractions, including national parks and wildlife reserves, must also follow SOPs to ensure the safety of visitors.

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Please note that these SOPs are subject to change as the COVID-19 situation evolves. It is advisable to stay updated on the latest developments and requirements before traveling to Tanzania.